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Technology Diplomats’ Innovation Resources Matchmaking Action 2017 Held in Beijing (Source:

  • Time: 2017-06-07 10:27:05
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May 25 –Technology Diplomats’ Innovation Resources Matchmaking Action 2017 is held in Beijing. It attracts technology diplomats of various countries to seek cooperation with Chinese partners and provides Chinese enterprises with access to international S&T resources and information.

Technology diplomats are familiar with S&T and economic information of respective countries and regions and are experienced in S&T exchange. Officials from embassies of Canada, Poland, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia, Italy, UK, Japan, Finland and EU and representatives from research institutes and enterprises in China are invited to the event.

During the event, Mr. Guo Rui, Vice Director of Department of International Cooperation, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science & Technology introduces S&T achievements and international S&T cooperation of Beijing in recent years. He said, Beijing will continue to bring together all factors, establish STI centers across China, build a “high, sophisticated and top” economic structure, make “entrepreneurship and innovation by all” a new growth engine, and develop regional coordinated innovation centers. Beijing will continue to take advantage of international STI resources to implement national strategy and promote cooperation with countries along the route of Belt and Road Initiative.

Mr. Chris Cheung, Director of EU SME Centre gives an introduction to the EU SME Centre and innovation cooperation of SMEs and mentions the importance and experience of international cooperation. Mr. Tomotaka Homma, Director of Intellectual Property Rights Department, JETRO Beijing delivers a speech about “Japan’s Intellectual Property Strategy”.

S&T cooperation project roadshow attracts delegates of many enterprises and institutions who give project presentation, share experience in “going out” and international S&T cooperation demands. Delegates from Canada, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Beijing Representative Office, Digipolis Oy (Finland), Hemp Investment Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou EZlife Sci&Tech Co., Ltd., and ZGC Innovative Strategic Alliance for Industrial Technologies of TCVM, among other, conduct project roadshows and matchmaking in the fields of wastewater treatment technology, cleaning, environmental protection, fuel, biological detection, share advanced technology and experience with Chinese enterprises, and enhance S&T exchange and cooperation with institutions and enterprises in China.

Technology Diplomats’ Innovation Resources Matchmaking Action 2017 is hosted by Beijing Technology Exchange & Promotion Center and China International Technology Transfer Center, co-hosted by Beijing Beiguang Electronic Group Co., Ltd., organized by ChinaWorth Global Tech Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. This event facilities sharing of information about international STI resources, provides S&T information and technical services to enterprises, and encourages practical cooperation of Beijing with international innovators by connecting information about innovation resources with embassies and organizations in China.

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